30! HELP!

This is it.
The big three oh.
Had to happen eventually right? I remember as a teenager that I could never possibly image EVER being so old as 30. Well, it happened. All I had to do was wait, time did the rest.

Monsieur decided I should start my new decade in extreme pain, and took me horseriding in a forest by Fontainebleau. I was rather inexperienced, the horse was admirably tolerant and despite storm warnings, the rain held off long enough for a dry days riding. It was a beautiful area to spend the day, and quite an unexpected treat. The only downside is the massive angry purple saddle bruise on my butt.

For dinner we dined at Le Procope. A very stylish café with a long history, first founded in 1686, and reported to be the oldest café in the world still operating. Originally a literary café, it boasted patrons such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Balzac,Hugo, La Fontaine, Diderot, and Benjamin Franklin. During the revolution, Robespierre, Danton and Marat used the café as a meeting place. This history does nothing to decrease the price of menu items, let me assure you...

Next week I'll be jaunting off on yet another mini-break to trek the Verdon in Provence, plus a quick visit to the Luberon, Camargues and Mediterranean coast. Leaving a few days after the 'great holiday changeover weekend' should hopefully subject us to less traffic hassles. This weekend is regarded as 'black' on the colour scheme of how bad things can get on the roads, as it is known as the crossover period for the 'Julyists' (juilletistes) and the Augustians (aoûtians) - ie people who holiday in July returning, and people who holiday in August leaving. Only in France would they come up with such a naming concept!


  1. Well happy happy birthday! Don't worry, I think the 30's have treated me much, much better than anything before. Here's hoping it's the same for you! :)

  2. thanks ViVi! Actually it's mostly for dramatic effect, I'm looking forward to my 30's :D ;)

  3. Happy Birthday (belated). I agree, the 30s are full of good times.

  4. Belated birthday wishes! According to various sources (including Benjamin Franklin), in your thirties you have the reign of your wit to look forward to, and what the world is thinking about you to worry about… (as opposed to the reign of your will and not caring, in your twenties). Bah, it's just a number (there's plenty more on their way!).

    Good to hear that you're going to get to see the Canyon in (hopefully) decent weather! I shall look forward to a full writeup of your perambulations (with pictures of course). I've only taken one hike up the side of the canyon (GR on the north side) and I was dragging some reluctant sisters along so I didn't get very far, but from what I saw it looked like pretty interesting walking.

  5. yo Nyx.. bon anniversaire et courage pour les decades suivantes ;-)