It's likely you're all familiar with the eco-conscious jingle 'reduce, reuse, recycle' - aka 'the three R's', but how about my personal favourite - upcycling?
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More than just another word for reusing, upcycling is the art of taking an unwanted object and making it into something better than the original. Plug it into your search engine and you'll be rewarded with a creative cornucopia of old forks transformed into coathooks, chic sofa beds made from pallets, and wine bottles transformed into goblets.

 Although it's a relatively recent term, the concept of upcycling isn't new.Before our modern era of consumer excess, thrift and economy were the order of the day; think rugs made from rags, new outfits made from old, or chandeliers crafted from wagon wheels. Upcycling is the perfect marriage between creativity, necessity and conserving resources.

Here's a handpicked gallery of some of what the internet has to offer - there are some great ideas here on how we can avoid the consumer treadmill and start turning trash into treasure. It’s such a fun way to get creative, original, and make some serious cuts to your carbon footprint – and it won’t cost the earth...enjoy!

Cats and computers...inseparable, via Atomic Attic 
Old taps make unique and quirky wall hooks
Broken crockery, tiles and glass can be used to make beautiful mosaics

Australian artist Sean Avery makes art from old cds
If you could never, wear that sweater – how about transforming it into a snuggly pouf? More upcycled sweater ideas here 
Old bowls, light fittings or jars can be transformed into a sweet terrarium via cotton and curls  
Here’s a useful idea for those who have kids! 

And here’s one from me! It’s a simple DIY project to turn an old pair of jeans remade into a tote bag
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How about a clock made from an old bicycle wheel? via pixelthis 

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