The wild Camargues horse is found only on the watery plains and salt marshes of southeastern France.
And now a quick tour around the Arles and the Camargues region, close to the Mediterranean coast - where bicycles were ridden in the wrong direction, I watched some men chasing bulls in an ancient Roman arena, wild flamingos were seen feeding in the depressingly polluted saltmarshes and I got a tan on my lower back that turned my skin a kind of deep mahogany colour that I did not know was possible...
A popular sport in the Camargues region, the aim of the 'course Camarguaise' is to remove a tassle tied between the bulls horns using a 'crochet' in a time limit of fifteen minutes per bull (normally a match involves several bulls). It's a fun sport to watch, lots of action and while some might still questions its ethics, it's certainly not at all bloodthirsty like the Spanish equivalent.
A 'course camarguaise' (non lethal bull fighting, the aim is to remove a tassel from between the bull's horns)

The arena at Arles

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