This is my average spaniel walking experience for the first 20 minutes or so of our daily wanders (or at least until I can let him off lead somewhere).

Believe it or not though, this is progress (aka he's finally hit middle age in dog years and is finally giving me and my shoulder a bit of a break), I've even been able to dispense with the 'anti-tug' harness (yeah, that's in air-quotes for a reason).

Anyway, this isn't a post about trying to walk a headstrong spaniel, but rather the lovely nature walk I finally got around to exploring this week, tucked in behind the beach and running through pockets of very lush coastal vine habitat and mangrove thickets...

(whatever, they can call it whatever fancy name habitat assemblage they like, it's jungle as far as I'm concerned. Pure coastal jungle. All that's missing is some monkeys. And some sexy Indiana Jones type).  

Although the (very likely outdated) online map from Parks and Wildlife appear to have this track listed as not allowing dogs, the signposts in the area specify that dogs on a leash are permitted. 

Walkers can either follow this path back out to Casuarina beach - exiting near to the nudist beach area (we have one of those, apparently) or keep going the full 5.5km up to Lee Point and Buffalo Creek (where dogs definitely aren't allowed)

It's a jungle out there, amirite?
I'm thinking Phase 2 of this urban explorer adventure might involve a safari suit, hiking boots and a machete.


  1. What a lovely blog entry; only you could make mangrove mud look so charming :-) Love the 'other end of the leash' shot too.

  2. Magnifiques paysages Nathalie. Ca fait rêver ! xo