New life, enjoying;
- I can practically leave the pot on the boil during the time it takes me to pop out and run an errand (I also frequently do this when I go for a run around the block with scissors)
- The car is currently parked about 3m from the front door (vs the standard approximate 4km radius of Paris).
- Residents parking fees are actually very reasonable - for any country where a garden/carpark/garage is not some kind of automatic birthright
- Bike paths, everywhere bike paths
- A very spacious UNESCO classed heritage site just a short stroll away
- The fact that I hear more birds than cars, despite being in the city centre.
- Ground floor versus 5 flights no elevator (my lazy arse is happy)
- Art nouveau architecture
- Private internal's inside, but outside
- People actually doing recently forgotten polite things (holding open doors, stopping at pedestrian crossings, smiling, not scowling at you for daring to read on public transport)

New life, enjoying less;
- Broke, flat broke
- Surveys
- The barrage of charity collectors - tip: avoid eye contact
(Look, it's not that I don't care about AIDS/Starvation/Cancer/Lymes disease/The clap whatever, but I've picked my charities. I give either money, my time or both. I'm sick of feeling like a heel because I can't give to EVERYBODY. Because I CAN'T GIVE TO EVERYBODY. Give me a t-shirt that says this.)

So that's it then, we're both finally 100% here in Lille. But I knew, just KNEW I could not trust Monsieur to pack the last of the stuff into the car and get himself here without some incident...apparently it wouldn't all fit. So it got left. Which is no so much an issue until you find out what got left (useful stuff) and what got brought (actual trash).

Right, I'm 30 now and I haven't figured out how what guys do when they are imitating a bit of thinking that passes off as logic. Now before you XY chromosomes all start howling and baying and 'bloody woman driver'ing in my comments field, that I am not talking about male intelligence nor disparaging your very useful telephone inventing skills and such. I'm just talking about your day to day capacity to be incredibly thick and annoying.

Now I'm inclined to think that part of the reason it wouldn't all fit is because, to put it bluntly, the Monsieur packs like a monkey on crack (hmmmm, and what's in this box? A keyboard, a dirty cup, 3 spoons, a glass, socks, an empty bottle of vinegar, honey...aaaand that's now all over the keyboard)

And what was left behind? The lamp (our new apartment has 'gothic ambiance', to put it mildly), a (slightly pricey, very new and somewhat necessary) oil radiator, the broom, the mop, the mop bucket, vacuum cleaner bags (really, convince me that they wouldn't fit anywhere), the new bottle of adhesive paste I'd just GIVEN him just the week before to put up a hook (and hide a paint hole in the wall...) - didn't even put the hook up AND threw away my bloody tube of paste. What's all that about eh?


  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying settling into Lille. It's a lovely city. Provincial life has it's real ups!

    To your questions - I just stop answering stupid questions unless there's a repeat factor of approx. 3. *Then* I'll drop my 15 tasks to point out the object under his nose.

  2. Glad you are back online tiger,
    and look on the bright side all that missing stuff can now be replaced with new and interesting stuff... you should thank the lad ... it is a male trait to try to help