'un hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps'
As the saying goes 'one swallow doesn't make it Spring.'
But I think the one I saw really did
Last minute plans on Thursday culminated in an oft-promised but long overdue visit to Etretat.

Etretat is a stunning little seaside town in Normandy, very popular with tourists and renowned for its spectacular white cliffs and blue waters.

Amazingly, last minute bookings were fruitful (a friend of a friend told us about this little place in the nearby town of Yport, where we scored a cute little room in  B+B with a balcony and ocean views), while the weather turned on some spring charm. No traffic jams for once (the Lille-Normandy traffic is much more reasonable) and a weekend of fresh ocean air, wandering around spectacular scenery and hanging out in one of the most peaceful, quaint and ye olde villages that France can offer.

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