If you had to ask me to list the top 5 best things about Darwin they would have to be (in no particular order); the sunsets, the bird life, the weekend markets, the foreshore bike path and the Deckchair cinema (oh, and the evening smell of flowering milkwood - which makes 6...but hey, who's counting?..anyway I can't blog about a smell so, whatever). As the dry season is back again (and I'm still here. How am I still here? I was meant to be not here by now but the interstate job offers are doing a remarkable impression of chirping crickets).

Oh, the Deckchair. If only every city were this fortunate. Six solid months of balmy outdoor world cinema goodness, with a strong focus on foreign and arthouse films. Bliss! Once upon a time the Deckchair used to be down Fisherman's Wharf way (and as a proper Darwin veteran I can even claim to have gone there many times), but for a long time now it has been at its current location near to the Esplanade along Jervois Road.

Ok, so there's one downside to the place that everybody knows about; the seats are spectacularly uncomfortable and although they do supply a generous collection of cushions for cinema patrons, on a busy night you're not always guaranteed to get one so best be on the safe side and bring your own. There's also the option to BYO chair if you don't mind sitting in the outer circle, but as the site isn't that large you'll get a pretty decent view of the screen from any vantage point. Aside from that it's a well serviced venue - from wine to snacks and hot meals (on certain nights), they even supply insect repellent in case the biteys start getting ferocious.

Wine and movies! Yet more bliss!

There's even a few resident possums who, having picked such a culture vulture venue to hang out in are clearly enjoying the finer things in life. Such as the contents of your picnic basket. Every now and then, a movie is interrupted by the occasional squeal from someone who is being molested in some way by an inquisitive marsupial, but you have to admit it does add a little charm and character.

*image credit: Deckchair Cinema website

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