Once a year Darwin has a harbour clean up day, which I'm lucky enough to be allowed to get involved with through the organisation I work for (though 'lucky' might be a matter of opinion, in proper 'oh god I'm getting old' fashion, I managed to properly strain a thigh muscle during the course of my day).

Less trash this year than in previous years, which is probably a good thing though it's too soon to tell if this is a future trend. Aside from playing media girl for the day (note to self: the art of successful social media demands a judicious and sparing use of exclamation points) I spent some time doing my civic duty and trash collecting (hence the twinge) - mostly cigarette butts and fishing line for my part. I do get a buzz of extra good feels every time I remove a length of fishing line. Maybe I prevented an entanglement, a death, a deformity. I'll never know of course, but I can only hope that the knock on effect was a good one.

It was a pretty busy day so I wasn't able to spend much time playing arty with my camera, though I managed to grab a couple of snaps. Still, I should really get down there a bit more with my camera early in the morning. There's definitely some amazing shots to be had.

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