One of my many delicious farm shop hauls from a local village in Kent, UK
December is a pretty excessive month overall; a merry-go-round of gifts, meals, drinks and parties means a pretty full fridge and a lot of leftovers. So my final month-long mini challenge will be a zero food waste December. To be honest I'm pretty good at not throwing out food but it does feel like over the last couple of months that regular small shops have been replaced by less frequent larger ones, and that I've also been buying more produce before finishing off what I have in the fridge. To put it bluntly, my shiny non food waster badge is getting a little tarnished. To top it all off, food goes off in a blink at this time of year (in the tropics) so it's even more important to keep those eyes smaller than your stomach!

Basically I'll just be posting a few food rescue recipes, growing up with a French post-WW2 mother means I definitely learned a thing or two about leftovers.

Of course, one of the best tips to avoid leftovers is to get a dog ;)

I also can't believe it's already December...

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