Historically, markets have always been something that Darwin does pretty well. Of the 4 main markets held every week during the dry season (Mindil Beach, Parap, Rapid Creek and Nightcliff) the Mindil Beach markets are far and away the most popular with visitors. Although they rate highly on every Darwin tourism publication out there, and despite the fact that as a local I tend to only visit them about 2 or 3 times a season, they definitely still bear mentioning as a must-do for any visitor to the city.
Packed stall-by-stall with a fantastic array of local and SE Asian crafts, and a vertitable smorgasbord of international cuisine, the biggest challenge of your evening is likely to be choosing what to eat! The beach itself has become a much more crowded place over the years (and sunsets now garner a ripple of applause from enraptured sun-seekers (it sets very pleasingly the rest of the week too, I'll just point out)) but is still big enough so everyone is guaranteed a perfect view of a crimson sun setting over the sea in vividly painted skies of purple, pink and orange. This rich array of colours is mirrored in the typically tropical wares on sale, which make for both a photographers and a shoppers playground.

The Mindil Beach markets run every Thursday and Sunday evening from April-October.

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