Op-shops, charity shops, thrift shops, secondhand shops...a vintage rose by any other name takes some sniffing out. My love for the op-shop treasure hunt probably started back when I was a poor uni student a couple of...*cough*...a while ago.

For me, the op-shop experience has it all; the thrill of a dusty discovery, the anticipation of finding something that will land me a spot on antiques roadshow (oh this? I picked it up for $4 in an op shop!), the purse-easing salve of a bargain, the smug satisfaction of a one-off find and the planet-conscious placation of low-impact consumerism.

Although Darwin isn't exactly renowned for anything resembling a choice abundance of hipstier-than-thou cast-offs, with a little perseverance and regular visits to the op-shops spread throughout the suburbs, there's vintage gold lamé to be found in them thar hills. And while pickings may be slim, this also means the associated 'upmarketing' trend of retrolicious treasures hasn't really gathered much steam yet either
I've attached a few examples of the funky finds I've come across in Darwin over the years. As you might have noticed, I can't quite get past my 70's hippy-house hangup

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