Ah blogs, I've known a few..but then again....
To start somewhere around the middle and work outwards from there; after a long stint over on the opposite hemisphere, I'm back in Australia with a head full of ideas, a series of abandoned blogs (parts of which I will eventually integrate with this blog), a suitcase full of inappropriately warm clothing, my long suffering dog (who I keep dragging around with me to new countries) and a new eye for my old hometown’s charms. So here I am again, back sitting out on the sandstone rocks staring out over Australia's northern Timor sea...for now.

Picking up from where I left things, I'll be shifting the focus of my posts to be mostly about local highlights, travel, green living, nature, food and conservation. I'm hoping it'll be a mix of the old and the new - all the things I know and love about this part of the world, as well as an exploration of the things I haven't got around to yet.

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