Well, I’m slowly finding my feet. They’re slipping about all over the place in the ice and snow, but my feet are there, nevertheless. And I haven’t gone bottoms down onto the pavement yet either, so I’m pretty proud of myself all in all.

The new and improved daily grind isn’t so terribly grinding either (yet). The work varies between routine and mildly interesting, but the staff are friendly, the food is hearty and cheap and in such startling abundance that I'm hastily searching out fitness clubs. Also, 9.30 starts, free tea and coffee, could be worse.

Still, there's nothing worse than having to sit on your purse after a stint at unemployment until your first paycheque comes through...oh the anticipation, oh the delight and oh the bitter disappointment when you behold the rat-like tendencies of various administrations gnawing away at your salary via a bunch of Miscellaneous Unexplained Charges with codes like Intf5sec and ProSray2.5%. By the end of my last work contract, I was actually earning 4 euros less per month than at the start of it. And I had coffee to pay for people. Coffee!


  1. So you're in Lille now !
    Nice choice, I know the area a bit, my father being originally from "Lys-lez-Lannoy".
    I only spent 6 months of my life there and if I find the architecture and the weather a bit depressing, the Ch'timis (nickname of the Northern people) have a reputation of being very humble and friendly.
    Do you have any friends there ?
    If you're looking for a few hot spots in town, let me know ...
    Here is a link to a "Chtimi dictionary"

  2. tt a fait Fiso!
    It's true that the weather isn't the most fntastic (I won't even talk about how bad it is as I'm typing right now!!) though by contrast I quite like the architecture here
    I might just take you up on your offer of hotspots, in a couple of months...I don't think I'll be going out on the town much before then ;)
    Have a great new year!