It's decided.
I've been accepted for my first temping assignment up in Lille, starting Monday. Monsieur, for his part, has two job interviews lined up before Christmas already, so if he manages to get himself something before my own placement is over (late February) then Lille is officially our new home.

So now I just need to go pack. Sigh! Again. I move way too often.

Merry Christmas all. :)


  1. Yay! Congratulations! We'll have to celebrate one of these days.

  2. we should! Maybe a belated january celebration?? :D :D

  3. Good luck and have courage! The challenge will be if you keep your blogging up to date. I'll be impressed if you manage to through all that you have to do!

  4. Hi! I was looking for other Paris and France-based blogs and stumbled across yours! I like your feel and see that like others you have been impressed by the early snow and over- or is that under-whelmed by the onset of Christmas madness once again!

    In any case, keep it up and Happy Christmas too, where ever you are!