In a recent fit of 'I really must get off my property and go explore some of this lovely island', I took a leisurely drive down to Cockle Creek, otherwise known as the southernmost point you can drive to in Australia (you can get a little more southy, but only on foot).

About 90 minutes south of Huonville, the drive to Cockle Creek takes you down to the small towns of Dover and Southport, and through the calm and mystical landscapes of Recherche Bay. Moisture lingers in the air more often down this way, and while I left behind a sunny and mild Huonville, by the time I passed Southport, the mist and drizzle was properly settled in.

Although I spent most of the afternoon with damp feet as each exit from the car soaked further into my unpolished boots, the low lying mists added an extra dimension of atmospheric intrigue, and certain spots called to mind visions of Japan or the Pacific North West region.
 For anyone set on exploring Tasmania, this region comes highly recommended, and serves as the gateway to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, a 1.5 million hectare natural reserve.

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