One thing Tasmania has in abundance is gorgeous beaches. It's true that the water temperature is less than ideal for most of the year if you're a cold water coward such as I, but for meandering, dog walking and salt air sniffing there's definitely a generous selection to choose from.

I've yet to explore much of the Eastern Shore region but as work took me to Steeles Island over the weekend, I thought I'd get in a sneaky dog walk at the same time. Carlton Beach is about 40km east of Hobart, featuring some picturesque dunes, gentle surf breaks and numerous walking trails. It's around 3km long and while sections of the beach are restricted to dogs at certain times of the year (due to shorebird nesting season) the majority is accessible to dogs year-round. Worth a visit if you're passing through the Dodges Ferry area with your furry friend!

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  1. Wow Carlton Beach looks gorgeous! Can't wait to visit :)