Earlier in October, I took a short trip to the bracing south, on my first ever trip to Tasmania. Despite the inclement weather that always takes some getting used to after too long in Darwin, it was a wonderful relief to get away from the soupy hot buildup of the north. With five days up my sleeve I tackled the usual tourist haunts of Salamanca, MONA, the botanic gardens, Mt. Wellington, Richmond and Runnymede, as well as a few lesser known locales such as the Sandy Bay Twilight Markets. However the main purpose of my holiday was seeing if Hobart was a good fit as a new home town.

Despite the chill factor that will take a little time getting used to again, I'm happy to say I felt quite at home there and have finally decided to take the plunge and move on. I've also been fortunate enough to score a new job before I've even finished packing so it's goodbye tropics and hello roaring 40s! Here's a few highlights from the whistle-stop tour...

Oh, and I also got a tattoo because I'm a bit random like that

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