In a rare turn of events I was let out of the office last week for a work related trip down to the wide open spaces of the Territory's Barkly Tablelands region. It's been an embarrassing number of years since I've been down this way.

Thanks to the company of a former local of the town of Tennant Creek, I got the local guide experience to some of the lesser known areas around the township, as well as a behind the scenes tour of some of the pastoral stations in the region - which aren't generally otherwise accessible.
As well as getting out of what's been a very smokey few weeks here in Darwin and breathing some fresh air again, it was also a great opportunity to try out my latest splurge; the much recommended Tamron 150-600mm lens. I'm going to add my voice to the chorus and agree that this is a great piece of equipment -  albeit much heavier than I'm used to! After many years of photography, and many of those years weeping in frustration for not being able to do justice to so many of my preferred bird subjects, it was such a treat to be able to finally get some sharp and balanced images! I've still got a bit of practice to do to get the most out of it (including building up some arm and ab muscles to help hold that beast steady!) but preliminary shots are very promising...
Black fronted dotterel 600mm @ f6.3
Pelican 600mm @ f6.3
Military sand dragon 600mm @f6.3
Mulga snake (aka king brown)
Unidentified flower that had the distinctive aroma of a grandmother's closet
Unexpectedly the golden fields, bright blue skies and big horizons in the heart of the Territory turned out to be a great remedy for my cluttered and cobweb-filled mind that's been floundering on what to do next and generally overthinking pretty much everything. Anyway, maybe all those endless horizons helped loosen a jammed up cog but I was finally able to relax into the idea that as much as I've had a lovely, quiet and comfortable time of things these last three years (which admittedly was only meant to be 1-2 years!), I feel like it's finally the right time to move on to another chapter in a new location. Watch this space!

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