Don't stop now, this is hipster country
One of the things I love about Melbourne is the splendid abundance of earth friendly shops. From supermarkets that stock nothing but organic, fair trade, cruelty free, free range and low packaging to stores that specialise in products for sustainable living, in some of the trendier Melbourne burbs it seems you can't go more than 10 paces without stumbling across a shop bursting with a downright Scandinavian level of eco-friendly merchandise. Not to mention every possible configuration of kale and quinoa you could imagine.

Compared to the very scant (and highly expensive) choices available in Darwin, it was all I could do not to maniacally fling my money at these establishments in some kind of apocalyptic green-living monster consumer frenzy.

Also, side note, plant terrariums are at peak trend in southern circles. I mean, ridiculously popular. Whoever has got in on that business venture has probably bought one of the Cayman Islands by now.

Anyway, back to the green living business, I was actually much more restrained than I'm making out. Green-oriented or not, overconsumption is still overconsumption. Still, I can't help but brag about a few funky (and eco and plastic-free) acquisitions, because I'm needy like that;

This bag, from Ike and Fly on High Street in Northcote - made from vintage Australiana teatowels and repurposed denim. I totally don't need another handbag, FYI, so this whole minimalism junket is just going splendidly all things considered.

A pencil highlighter. Full disclosure: I rarely use highlighters, either at home or in the office. But one day I will, and on that day I will reach maximum level eco-smugness courtesy of this delight. Yes, I repeat, I am totally not the model of green overconsumption right now.

Ok, this is actually useful on a daily basis and very cool. This container made from rice husk (looks and feels a lot like bakerlite). It's made by a company called soulife. I was told they last for many years and will biodegrade within 2 years once buried. They can go in the freezer, and take temperatures up to 120 degrees.

These wine glasses were found just outside the expanding zone of hipster that is gradually spreading through North Melbourne, absorbing and price-inflating an ever-growing collection of your Nan's sideboard treasures. So in other words they were about 20 bucks cheaper than if I'd bought them 500 metres down the road. To be fair I only have a couple of wine glasses and could do with some more because man do I break those suckers a lot...Anyway, these were a steal at 50 cents each so I grabbed all four like the strung out cool hunter on a bargain binge that I am. They have ships on them. Etched ships. (S)hipster!

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