Another image series from some recent beach walks. Gorgeous as it is, I've started some different circuits recently as a break from routine is always welcome, so my next walkabout image series should be a little different.

We've been enjoying something of an extended dry season up in the Top End lately, with night time temperatures still dipping below 20 degrees - something that generally doesn't happen often once July has passed. The cooler nights have been a snuggling under the duvet flavour of bliss (it's the little things), even if the days are getting warmer. Glad there's still a bit of a cool edge though, I'm heading off to NZ in under 2 weeks and expect the sudden jump in temperatures will be a bit of a shock!

I especially love this last image. I'd just returned back to the carpark with an almost-flat camera battery plus a wet and hungry spaniel, and was just about to head off when the call of the day's last light got the better of me. I managed to get another half dozen snaps before both the light and my camera battery called it a day.

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