Down to earth with a bump.
My three-week quasi-offline Indian summeresque trip over the Tasman was done and dusted a good couple of weeks ago now, and mostly I've been sitting around wondering what to do with myself ever since getting back. Whether it's a case of the post holiday blues, a culmination of a work life/home life slump or the simple fact that the month before the fun, festivities and weather of the dry season properly kick in is a notoriously frustrating time for this part of the world (or all three, it's currently up for discussion...) In the meantime I'll get on with some sweet imagery and nostalgic reminiscence...

First off, travelling in early autumn made me remember how much I miss autumn, and wild harvesting, and sleeping under the covers, and 12 hour days...
Scrumping for wild apples in the South Island
And a few early blackberries

Sleepy sunshine kitties
Early garden figs
And bare feet in the morning dew
It's been a timely reminder that, for all the advantages tropical living can have, there are many things that I miss about life in more temperate climes and that it may soon be time to move southwards for a new chapter...

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