Storm, incoming!
Right now in the Top End we're full swing into the build-up. Also known as troppo season as the eternal sticky, muggy and downright oppressive conditions, mixed with the generally high levels of alcohol consumption in these parts has a tendency to send people a little off the rails.
Some mornings start with grey skies. Black clouds on the horizon show a hint of a promise, and though you know rain is unlikely so soon in the season, a downpour would only make it worse anyway. But for a blessed 20 minutes, it's slightly cooler morning than normal. After a while the breeze drops, and even the cloud cover can't keep the heat away. As the humidity gradually climbs, the slightest exertion makes you break out in a sweat. In between showering and changing clothes you're not entirely sure if you accomplished anything worthwhile at all. By the way, it IS actually possible to sweat in the shower.

'Have I put on weight? Again? Or is just my skin sticking stubbornly to the fabric?' (actually it's usually both in my case)

Makeup just slides right off the face, and it's questionable if moisturiser is even necessary at this point anyway.

Earwax can actually occur in a liquid state. As can my dog.

Pretty much everything that isn't dry food now needs to live in the fridge. As does most medication. And make-up. If it doesn't need to live in the fridge it needs to live in an airtight container because otherwise the even more active than normal bugs *will* find it, and they'll find it fast (and yes, they can and do chew through plastic bags)

Your primary purpose for going to the temple of air-conditioning shops is not always to go shopping

You re-learn the art of getting in the night to pull plugs out of the wall and close windows when a storm comes through without fully waking up

Electrical appliances become demonically possessed

Despite the trials and tribulations that come with a build up season, we've actually been lucky enough to get a few decent storms so far in the last couple of weeks. Last year's experience was one that doesn't bear repeating; very poor rainfall and a buildup that essentially lasted from October to March. There's only one thing worse than a build-up, and that's a build-up without any rain. However, it already looks like it's all systems normal for this season so with any luck I'll be able to get out with my DSLR soon and experiment with some lightning shots (until then you'll have to put up with my crappy point and shoot variety)

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