Star apples, also known as cainito or milk fruit, belong to a special food group that I like to simply refer to as Vitamin Purple.

Being something of a novice consumer of this tropical delicacy, I can confirm that eating the flesh too close to the rind will result in close encounters of the sticky latex variety. So unless you're the type that enjoys a dose of PVA-like gloop with your fruit then take care. As the skin is also inedible, to serve they should be sliced open and the halves scooped out.

Only very subtly scented, this refreshingly sweet treat from the West Indies tastes very similar to a lychee, though its texture is more akin to a very ripe apricot. Available from now until November, they keep quite well out of the fridge (a welcome asset in the tropics!) If you get hold of some while they're still a little green, they can keep over a week at room temperature (yes, for the tropics this is a long time). Ready to eat once they're soft and dark purple.

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