I'm a sucker for a cheap gimmick.
For anyone that doesn't speak a lick of French, it's a play on 'chateauneuf' (Cat On Egg)

If you don't know anything about wine either, then there's nothing I can do for you really... ;)

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post of any note, but there have been many changes for the better since leaving France. After moving to a fairly bland town in Kent in the middle of 2007 to start work at a local wild animal park, I settled in to English life and took time to find a nice little dog-friendly house in a country village, with big windows and double glazing - close to work and affordable.

In between times I had been visiting my (now ex) partner in Lille almost every weekend. Although with 20:20 vision hindsight I could see that things hadn't been going very well for quite a long time, within a few months of moving away from France it became very clear that the relationship had some deep-rooted problems that weren't getting resolved any time soon. Eventually a breaking point was reached and ways were parted, and I carried on my new life with a canine +1.  Anyway, that will be the extent of my dirty laundry on that subject...

So now here I am in the English countryside - surrounded by fields and apple trees, woodland and quiet wanderings; with a hound, tea and biscuits, I'm feeling pretty content.

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