A few snaps from Rabat, in Tunisia. I was tag-along translator girl for a work trip (being the only office based person at our organisation that actually speaks French...probably one of my main selling points in getting job considering that several countries we work in have French as their official language).

Now, being a verbal translator - oh my, now there's a position of power I'd not considered...
Do I say;
- what they want me to say?
- what they want me to say plus what I want to know myself?
- completely not what I've just been asked to say because it was a monumentally stupid statement? (this happens more often that I'm comfortable to admit).

etc, etc

Really, it's quite the head trip. I'm surprised more wars haven't been started over rash statements made by megalomaniacal polyglots.

Overall, there wasn't much time to get touristy, it was mostly a work gig with a few scattered opportunities to walk around the town.

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