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Hats for Dogs
Hello digital internauts! Been a while, but my lazy ass bone has been playing up again.

So, y'know, it's been hot. And if it's not the heatwave, the hezbollah or Zidane's headbutt it's not news. And heat means a couple of major changes here in France - first is the transformation of old people into sort of geriatric houseplants (have you misted Madame Tartempion yet this morning?), the second being the bone melting epidemic amongst small dogs transforming them into a canine rag mutts.

This weekend past was July the 14th, which, like most historical celebrations in any society around the world, means a chance to drink more alcohol. I went to some northern beaches in the pas de calais region, soaked up the faux tudor and tacky souvenir shops, watched dogs get carried and witnessed some nightmarish toddlers face meets chocolate icecream incidents.

Fort Mahon
I accidentally went on a 50km bike ride - mostly because I didn't know how far I was meant to be going (distances on tourist maps with oversized local attraction icons are larger than they appear), went to a bird wetland sanctuary, and went to Aqualud in Le Touquet (where I spent 3 hours thinking...'I paid HOW MUCH for this??)

Otherwise I just get the train back and forth to work everyday and spent 35 hours a week contributing to that overly complicated administrative system that the expats all violently hate. Bureaucracy is, after all, a French philosophy.


  1. What is tacky about ceramic seagulls, overpriced t-shirts with exotic/catchy english phrases - misspelled of course - and personalized leather bracelets?
    I am honored to get my first shout-out in blogger world.... well, it was just a 'hi', but saying 'shout-out" makes me feel so gansta. ;-)
    Savor your weekend.
    the obvious american ;-)

  2. Here's a yodel from the south pacific contingent ;-) Okay, so am not *really* yodelling, it's all just a nice way of saying hey there to you in France.

    Though I have to mention the "accidental" bike ride ... how can you call a 50km bike ride an accident ...

  3. Heya Megs!! :D
    Welcome, nice to see you here chicky
    Well, you know, bike rides can just get out of hand sometimes. You're all wrapped up in the going part that you sort of forget about the returning bit.