I'm going to Barthhhelona for a few days next week - I've been informed that they talk that way thanks to some bygone king who had a lisp, and it sort of stuck. I haven't actually confirmed that story as true, and knowing how the story machine works, it probably isn't.

Anyway, I dappled in the capriciously priced universe known as budget airlines (whose terms and conditions can be paraphrased as 'it's your funeral buddy') but didn't bother with the insurance - like, what's the worst that can happen in under a week, man? (Watch this space)

I've had a hankering to go there since discovering Gaudi - you know that he died by being hit by a tramway - and that was back when they hardly existed, how unlucky is that? (reconsiders travel insurance)

Now would be a good time to start remembering those Spanish lessons I took last year (*searching memory banks*)

What's Spanish for 'hey that guy just nicked my wallet and passport!' ?


  1. Cool place - be sure to climb all the way up the Sagrada Familia without using the lift!

  2. yes, but I'm suffering the secondary bronchial effects of a flu :p (sound familiar?)
    You and your climbing! tsk (yes yes, ok, noted on the *to do* list!)
    I got a book from Monsieurs parents of the 'best treks in France', maybe overly influenced by my backpacking tales.