An Australian(ish) lass with family connections in New Zealand and France and a penchant for moving country every now and then. I started blogging around late 2004, after the end of a somewhat unplanned backpacking adventure found me in a 38 square metre crumbling apartment in one of the seedier districts of Paris. A couple of moves and a couple of years later I ended up in the much more laid back city of Lille in northern France, and a couple more moves after that I fled from the unemployment, bureaucracy and rising damp to live and work in a small rural village in Kent, UK. Aside from the occasional post, I gave up on blogging for a while. After 5 years of gentle rains, muddy boots and countless cups of tea I bid a bittersweet farewell to Blighty and decided to come back home, and give this whole online journalling business another go - plus a move from Australia's extreme north (Darwin) to extreme south (Hobart), just for good measure.

The what and the why of putting bits of my life online have changed a lot since my first foray into the blogosphere, so although some old posts from my now-defunct blogs are consolidated here, the focus has shifted. The modern day incarnation of this blog is those things I'm most passionate about; living low impact, travel and real food. There's also the odd mention of my worldly and well-traveled spaniel and the occasional existential rant.

The legal stuff - all watermarked images are copyright to me. If you'd like to use them, please ask nicely first.

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